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Really Good Classic Chicken Kebab

Really Good Classic Chicken Kebab

Purchase (1) pack per (2) two people of Really Good Deli – Classic Pre-cooked Chicken Kebab

Marinated in according to a traditional Turkish recipe, cooked, sliced and frozen ready to enjoy.

Portion size per pack is for (4) sliders or (2) kebabs

Defrost overnight in your refrigerator or use straight from freezer, instructions below


Garlic Sauce

2-3 tablespoons of Greek Natural Yoghurt

1 garlic clove crushed or finely chopped

½ Cucumber (grate and squeeze out moisture/liquid)

A stem of Dill chopped roughly (leaf only)

Add salt and cracked black pepper to taste

Add a squeeze of lemon & lemon rind

Dash of quality Olive Oil

A pinch of Sumac or Za’atar Spices if you have

*add all ingredients to a bowl and stir


Prepare Salad items

Slice tomato

Slice onion (fine)

Slice lettuce


Prepare Pita Bread OR Add to salad for a low carb option

Step by Step

Or if short on time and looking for a quick meal

  • Cut open pack and remove the chicken kebab meat
  • Place chicken in a bowl for reheating in the microwave cover with cling film
  • Really Good Classic Chicken Kebab meat is sliced and already cooked so just reheat
  • Reheat in microwave for 1-2 minutes or to your liking of heat

*for extra crisp and authentic kebab add a little oil to a fry pan and toss in (hot) pan for a minute.. YUM!


Pita Bread – After warming Really Good Chicken Kebab Meat, warm Pita bread in the same pan add chicken and salad to wrap with sauce.


Add chicken to salad for a low carb option, we enjoy it with many types of salad so feel free to create your own


Add other things you enjoy like cheese, chilli or other sauces


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